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About Us

Before Hot-Stitch -

As competitors ourselves, we found it very frustrating that there wasn’t an easy source of FIA compliant fireproof badges available to the ‘every-man/woman’ competitor in motorsport. 

Our personal need was highlighted when one of us was pulled up in scrutineering about the eligibility of a sponsor’s badge on one of our race suits, which at the time meant we couldn’t race unless we removed the badge or could find another suit at very short notice.   We opted for the badge removal to the annoyance of the sponsor at the time.
After this episode we researched the availability of Nomex badges and small scale race suit embroidery, and found that the existing sources were prohibitively expensive with either; large quantities of badges having to be ordered, large minimum order costs incurred or costly bespoke race suits having to be commissioned.
Our need was simple; smart and affordable fireproof FIA compliant badges that we could add to our race suits as and when needed or easily remove if no longer applicable.   We did come across an affordable supplier but the quality wasn’t to the standard required and would have meant wearing badges more akin to a boy scouts outfit rather than a professional race suit costing hundreds of pounds.  

Determined to find badges that were more professional and that would do our sponsors proud, we embarked on setting up an operation to provide us with the service that we were looking for and were sure that a large number of other competitors would like as well.

Hot-Stitch Now

Having spent many months researching and testing materials and equipment, the facility was set up in 2009, having invested in the best software, hardware and sourcing the best materials from around the world.  

As a result of numerous customer requests, we have recently decided to offer all of our stock badges manufactured in materials suitable for CIK-FIA Level 2 Kart Suits (see Kart Badges). The materials used to manufacture the Kart badges are more expensive than your everyday fabrics but not as costly as our Race and Rally FIA 8856:2000 compliant badges. To avoid confusion, the Kart badges do not have our yellow tag notification of FIA 8856:2000 compliancy.  

With thousands of badges under our belt and hundreds of satisfied competitors from all continents proudly promoting their sponsors and themselves with Hot-Stitch manufactured badges we are chuffed to bits that the business is growing in every respect.

Hot-Stitch Future

We continually research and monitor material and hardware developments, improve techniques and training, and strive to give our customers the best badges and service by miles.     

Our aim is to provide competitors with the most professional looking yet affordable badges allowing them to keep as much of their racing budget as possible towards getting them to the front of the grid. 

With this new website we hope to make the whole process as simple, affordable, attractive and informative as possible.

We wish you every success on track and hope that we can contribute a little towards it.